Push notification service

How much does it cost to use the push notification service?

Nothing. The push notification service provided by DigitalPUSH is completely free.

How many websites can I use the service on?

As many as you want. We do not limit the number of properties a member can have.

How many subscribers can I have?

The number of subscribers a member can acquire is unlimited.

How many messages can I send to my subscribers?

As many as you want / need. We don't impose a maximum limit of push notifications you can send.

Does DigitalPUSH offer segmentation for my subscribers?

That's pretty much the main reason why you should use DigitalPUSH over Firebase Cloud Messaging. This, and the ease of use of course.

What information does DigitalPUSH offer regarding the delivery of my push notifications?

We keep track of the total amount of recipients each of your push messages have, the number of push notifications delivered, the number of push notifications that were seen and the number of clicks that your push message received.

Do you sell / distribute subscribers data?

NO! Our service is free and there's no catch to it. We are able to sustain it because of our monetization feature.

Push monetization

What is the push monetization?

The push monetization is a feature that DigitalPUSH offers for it's members through which they can earn a steady revenue by allowing us to deliver push ads to their subscribers.

What payment models does DigitalPUSH use?

We pay the members that enable the monetization feature based on the following the following models:

  • Revenue share, which includes:
    • CPC campaigns - you get paid for every click
    • CPM campaigns - you get paid for thousand push ad views
    • CPA campaigns - you get paid for sales / leads / conversions

  • CPS ( cost per subscription )

What are the withdraw methods?

We offer PayPal and Wire transfers as withdrawing methods.

When do I get paid?

You get paid whenever you request a payment. The average processing time for withdraws is around 2 hours but it can take up to 24 hours during weekends and holidays.

What is the minimum withdraw amount?

The minimum withdraw amount for PayPal is $1.00 USD while the minimum amount for wire transfers is $500.00 USD.

How much money will you make?

We've been getting this question... A LOT but... It's pretty much impossible to tell. It all depends on your subscribers, the campaigns we have for them, the subscribers availability, the way they interact with our push ads, the subscribers location and the list goes on.

The bottom line is... There's no telling how much you'll be making. The only thing that's certain is that your revenue will grow on a daily basis. That's the beauty of push monetization, the fact that it scales.

I just added DigitalPUSH to my website but I'm not making huge profits. Why?

Push monetization is not an overnight way of making money. Here's why:

  1. Ads are displayed 4 times per day, and it takes time for the system to start rotating ads to your subscribers.
  2. The revenue from CPS is not added instantly but after a subscriber is "settled". That means that a subscription is considered valid after the subscriber viewed at least 3 push ads.
  3. Your subscribers might not see the push ads instantly.
  4. Our system optimizes the ad campaigns each subscriber receives over the course of roughly 7 days. In this period, the system will try various niches and ad categories in order to eventually settle to the best converting one.

Can I still use the free push service if I enable monetization?

Of course. The free usage of DigitalPUSH is not affected in any way by the monetization feature.

Does DigitalPUSH monetization work with Adsense?

Google Adsense and DigitalPUSH's push monetization are two completely separate things and they don't affect eachother nor interact in any way.

Can the rates be negotiated?

No. The rates for CPS are determined by our team based on specific performance factors and they are not up for debate.

Push advertising

How to deposit funds?

While logged into your DigitalPUSH account, within the main menu, hover the "Financial" section then click "Deposit funds".

What payment processors are accepted?

At the moment we support PayPal and Wire transfers.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit for PayPal is $10.00 USD and for wire transfers it's $500.00 USD

How to create a campaign?

While logged into your DigitalPUSH account, within the main menu, hover the "Advertise" section then click "New campaign".

How many campaigns can I add?

We do not impose a maximum limit for the number of campaigns you can have.

What creatives can I use for my campaign?

We allow pretty much anything that complies with our Content policy.

Why does the number of clicks keeps increasing after the campaign is stopped?

This happens due to the mechanics of sending push notifications. Example - sending a new round of push notifications can occur at the moment when your balance is approaching zero point. The system stops further sending, but those notifications that have already been sent out - can be viewed much later than the moment of sending (for example, if the user receives notifications to the home computer, or for some reason forgot the phone), and in this case, can click on the ad creative much later than the average user group.

How does technical support work in your company?

Technical support is available 24/7 via Live support or email.

Which payment model do you work with?

We work with CPM ( cost per thousand views ) or CPC ( cost per click ).

What is the order of displaying the campaigns to subscribers?

Our system displays the campaigns based on their eCPM ( effective cost per mille ). The eCPM is affected by the value of a click for CPC campaigns and their click through rate.

Which Macros do you support?

{campaign} - campaign ID
{website} - publisher domain name
{wid} - publisher domain ID
{category} - category

What are the minimum bids?

The minimum CPC bid is $0.001 USD and the minimum CPM bid is $0.10 USD.