What is the push monetization?

If this is the first time you hear about push monetization, we have to tell you this: It's nothing like you've seen before and it has nothing to do with traditional advertising.

The push monetization is a form of advertising that relies on push notifications. This means that the ads are delivered to the browser or the device of the subscriber as push notifications via the domain on which the subscriber accepted push notifications from.

The advantages of push monetization

Here are a few of the key advantages of push monetization over traditional advertising:

  • It scales! This means that even if your website traffic remains constant your income will keep growing. This is due to how you continue to grow your subscribers base daily, and when the push ads are sent all your subscribers receive them, including the ones you had from before.

  • You earn money multiple times even from 1 time visitors. Because of how push notifications work, push monetization allows you to monetize 1 time visitors, indefinitely. This is a major advantage over traditional in-page advertising.

  • No website space required. Push monetization does not require any space within your pages. The subscription is made by the browser, thus your website content is 100% yours.

What should you expect from the push monetization

As mentioned before, the push monetization is unlike any other type of traditional advertising, therefor the way it works and the results it delivers are also different.

  1. The push monetization does not deliver instant results because:
    • The ads are delivered 4 times ( or less ) per day , at different hours.
    • The devices or browsers of some subscribers may be offline when the push ads are sent.
    • The optimization process is done on a per subscriber basis ( at least with DigitalPUSH ), and although in the medium and long terms it will yield more income the process is not instant.
    • Because not all your website visitors will subscribe to push notifications, therefor building your subscriber base will take some time

  2. Over the course of a month the overall revenue will be considerably higher compared to other traditional monetization types, including the display ads from Google Adsense.

To put this in one sentence, if you are only looking for a quick buck, the push monetization might not be the right choice for you.


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