We all know Google Adsense as being the biggest player on the market when it comes to display advertising, but is display advertising the best way to monetize a website? Are there any other ways?

How about a different, better type of monetization? And I'm talking about push monetization.

Why different?

Because you don't actually display any ads on your website's pages. Push monetization relies on the visitor's subscription to push notifications to run. That means that the ads are delivered through push notifications, and not as part of a website's content.

The main benefit of the push monetization is that it does not stop after the visitor left your website. Once subscribed, a visitor can receive push notifications indefinitely, and that's huge because that specific visitor will continue to yield revenue for the publisher even if he never visits the website again.

Why better?

  1. Because as mentioned above, 1 visitor can yield revenue for the publisher indefinitely, long after he left the website and even if he never visits it again.

  2. Because DigitalPUSH shares 85% of the advertising revenue with the publisher and the shared revenue comes from multiple sources such as:
    • CPM - cost per thousand push ad views. You get paid for every 1000 ad views.
    • CPC - cost per click. You get paid for each click on the push ads.
    • CPA - cost per action. You get paid for every conversion.
    • CPS - cost per subscription. You get paid whenever you acquire a new subscriber.

We should now get rid of the elephant in the room and answer the obvious question:
Will you make more money with push notifications than with Google Adsense?
And the answer is, YES! You will, because push monetization scales! Even though the initial income will most likely be lower, as your subscriber base increases, so will your income.


Say you have an average of 1000 visitors / day on your website and let's assume you have 5% CTR with Google Adsense. That's 50 clicks on ads / day which yield a constant amount of money daily.

With push notifications' default subscription rate ( around 20% ), you will monetize 200 visitors in the first day, 400 in the next day, 600 in the next and so on. Eventually you'll have a few hundred thousands or even millions of subscribers which will yield revenue daily.

Best part comes last...

The best thing is that there's not really a competition between Google Adsense and DigitalPUSH's push monetization, because the two services handle tow completely different ad formats that don't affect or interact with eachother in any way.

That means that you can run Google Adsense alongside DigitalPUSH's push monetization with no problem and earn even more from your website!

Written with passion by
Demetrius Tautu, founder of DigitalPUSH.